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Nemesis represents the next generation of smart data displays for sailing, offering unprecedented visibility with full customization or pre-set multi-function templates and easy-to-use automatic dashboards that are based on where you’re sailing.

Visualize your sailing data the way you want to see it

Whether racing or cruising, Nemesis gives sailors the ability to view the navigation data they trust when and how they want to see it, regardless of external conditions, providing an intuitive link between their instrument network and the real world.

Maximum visibility and versatility

A bright, HD SolarMax™ IPS touchscreen with extremely wide viewing angles offers the ability to see even with polarized sunglasses, from anywhere on board. With adjustable data sizes, palettes and backlighting, the Nemesis allows for optimal viewing in all conditions, both on the mast and in the cockpit.

Full Customization

The customizable all-in-one display can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and the easy-to-use drag-and-drop selection editor allows complete customization through a wide selection of graphic indicators, SailSteerTM, tank levels, digital data, IP camera views, histograms and images.

This gives sailors the freedom to select their desired data, colors, size and location; alternatively, they will simply be able to choose from a range of pre-selected integrated B&G templates and dashboards. Additional automatic contextual modes allow users to choose which navigation data to display based on the point or mode of sailing: Upwind, Proximity, Downwind or Headway.

Unmatched integration and control

The use of commercial-grade components, numerous hours of testing and development by sailors in all conditions, combined with the most accurate navigation data available and provided by B&G instruments and network, allow you to rely on Nemesis with confidence. The reliability and accuracy of the data and display will provide the confidence you need to make the right decisions. In addition, the Nemesis display can be controlled via the touchscreen or from an Apple Watch®.


Nemesis is B&G’s premium navigation data display solution and is available in 9 and 12 screen sizes.


Key Features

Easy-to-use pre-set dashboards or editors with drag & drop selection for complete customization

Wide choice of digital data displays including graphical indicators, SailSteer, tank levels, IP camera views, histograms and images

Automatic context modes: Upwind, Proximity, Downwind, or Prewind

Bright and crisp SolarMax HD IPS touchscreen with extremely wide viewing angles

Landscape or portrait orientation

Ethernet and/or NMEA 2000® connectivity

Nemesis can be controlled via touchscreen or from an Apple Watch®.


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ZeusS3 Glass Helm

The new Zeus3S Glass Helm multifunctional display system offers unbeatable speed and performance for large yachts. Available in 24”, 19” and 16” models, Zeus3S Glass Helm can be purchased as a group of systems or with a single display; the group of systems includes a display, GPS, keypad and accessories.

Outstanding navigation performance

The new Zeus3S Glass Helm display delivers twice the performance of the previous version and offers the shortest response times in its class for exceptionally smooth transitions. With the built-in 6-core iMX8 processor, you have instant access to the navigation and system information you need, regardless of conditions.  You can also customize your command layout based on the task at hand and easily change it in a snap. The thin glass screen hides and protects the powerful core and integrates seamlessly with any dashboard style, from ultra-modern to timeless classic.

Exceptional clarity with intuitive touchscreen control

Zeus3S Glass Helm offers the ultimate in navigation and system data visualization with Full HD displays designed for larger sailing vessels. The ultra-bright 24″, 19″ and 16″ displays are perfect for installation both inside and outside of boats. Wide viewing angles allow you to see the screen well, even while wearing polarized sunglasses.  Optimized processor speed lets you view up to six panels in one screen without lag. Explore cartography and use sailing navigation features like RacePanel and SailSteer, while continuing to view all connected systems, such as autopilot, radar and sonar, with a single touch.

Perfectly connected

The Zeus3S Glass Helm System Pack contains everything you need to start building a glass-helm system, including a ZC2 remote controller. The remote controller features keypad control to manage up to six separate displays, ideal for a multi-display dashboard layout. The built-in wireless connection connects Zeus3S Glass Helm to mobile devices for remote viewing and control, and offers convenient online software updates via any hotspot. Ethernet, NMEA 2000® and J1939 cable connection allows for nearly unlimited integration possibilities ranging from vessel display systems to radar, sonar, engine integration and more.

Zeus3S Glass Helm is B&G’s MFD solution for larger vessels.


Key Features

  • Fastest, most responsive B&G system ever
  • Large format touch screens (16″/19″/24″), all in Full HD 1920×1080
  • Best-in-class visibility from all angles with and without polarized glasses
  • Connects to B&G network modules for maximum offshore performance: Halo Radar, Autopilot, ForwardScan™, NMEA 2000 and 0183, Integrated Pilot Control
  • Full range of sailing functions: Sailsteer, PredictWind, RacePanel, LayLines and SailingTime
  • Expanded visibility with the option of six panels in a single screen.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, HDMI and video inputs
  • Ability to connect smartphones, tablets and Internet hotspots


For more informations on Zeus3S Glass Helm:


B&G’s H5000 instrument and autopilot systems combine exclusive navigation capabilities with race-grade technology in an easy-to-use package. Developed for cruise ships and racing yachts, the range offers superior system options to satisfy and enhance your passion for navigation.

Performance Highlights

B&G’s H5000 instrument systems offer high-performance features specific to sailing and powerful racing technology to boaters who want only the best.

3D Motion

Wind measurement is affected by wind induced at the top of the mast by the pitch and roll of the boat. The solution is 3D motion correction. The H5000 captures data from multiple sensors, including high-spec gyroscopes, to correct for induced wind, providing the best solution available in an instrumentation system.


The H5000 system’s StartLine feature provides high-resolution data for distance to line, distance to line limits, alignment to line, and vessel lengths, obtained from a predetermined end. StartLine H5000 uses BowPosition, calculating the position of the boat’s heading 10 times per second. For the ultimate in start-up performance, you can combine the H5000 interface with a Zeus3 chartplotter.

H5000 interface

The H5000 system’s browser-based configuration enables advanced calibration, setup and diagnostics without the hassle of interacting with a complex menu system. You can access the powerful web-style interface through your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Advanced calibration

The H5000 offers the ultimate in high-resolution sensor input, best-in-class processing techniques and optimal system calibration, with corrections for any function to derive the most accurate data.

Choose a CPU that fits your sailing requirements

Choose the H5000 system CPU that best suits your needs. H5000 systems can be purchased as basic packages that include the H5000 Graphic display, a CPU and network backbone kit.

H5000 Hydra

The H5000 Hydra CPU is the processing unit behind the system for offshore, cruising or racing navigation. Dual ultra-fast ARM processors provide immediate data availability while browser-based setup allows for easy configuration and backup of settings.

H5000 Hercules

The H5000 CPU with Hercules software is destined for success in sailing competitions. Hercules was created on the basis of Hydra, to which features targeted at sailing competition have been added, including polar tables for performance targets and support for 3D motion correction to achieve maximum accuracy in wind data.

H5000 Performance

The powerful H5000 CPU with Performance software is designed for large racing yachts and superyachts. It offers the ability to run and monitor complex navigation systems with advanced sensor options and up to 16 user-defined functions.

Displays to suit any vessel

The H5000 range includes displays to suit any vessel. From full-color graphic displays to high-visibility mast units and analog displays for classic boats, you can have your H5000 data presented in a style that suits your boat, and they’re all simple to connect to NMEA2000.

H5000 Graphic display

The H5000 Graphic display features a 5-inch sunlight-viewable color screen with a highly intuitive user interface. It includes numerous sailing functions such as SailSteer, StartLine and WindPlot to monitor weather trends.

H5000 Race display

The H5000 Race coated glass display features a large custom screen that clearly displays essential race data. With ultra-wide viewing angles and excellent visibility, this 5-inch LCD screen is readable in sunlight while the backlight can be dimmed to a minimum for nighttime navigation.

H5000 Analogue Displays

H5000 Analogue displays provide proven H5000 accuracy in analog form for classic boats and a traditional look. Displays are available for apparent and true wind angle, depth, boat speed, course and rudder angle.

NEW! Nemesis™

This new generation of intelligent sailing data displays offers unprecedented visualization with full customization, plus predefined multi-function templates and easy-to-use automated dashboards based on your navigation point.

Advanced navigation features of the H5000 pilot

The H5000 Pilot is not the same as other autopilots. Its expert systems constantly monitor heading, wind, sea state, heeling angle and other variables to react immediately to changing conditions, providing the performance you expect from H5000’s advanced sailing features and safety in equal measure.

Recovery mode

Recognizes sudden deviations caused by rogue waves or boat wakes, quickly restoring your course to the target.

Gust Response

Gust response performs a preemptive action based on data from incoming H5000 or WTP3 instruments to maintain a more stable course in changing wind conditions.

High Wind Response

High wind response causes the boat to naturally drift away if the wind increases while attempting to increase speed and keep the boat flat. B&G’s H5000 pilot contains fail-safe systems and user-configurable hard limits to provide safety features that match its performance.

Learn more about instruments and autopilots H5000:


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