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A smart, comfortable and ecological way of living the boat is born

ZEUS200 by Mobil Tech is the innovative thermoelectric generator designed for the nautical sector. Product entirely designed, patented and built in Italy, born from the deep experience of the company for applications in the world of recreational vehicles.

ZEUS200, unique and exclusive industrialized system on the market, provides a solution to energy problems on board in total respect of the surrounding environment.

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Innovative, silent, ecological

The ZEUS200 thermoelectric generator is innovative, very silent and environmentally friendly: for the production of energy it uses an efficient burner, avoiding the use of a thermal motor.

Designed, patented and built entirely in Italy, ZEUS200 weighs 36,5Kg, dimensions 670x330x305mm, perfect for a fixed installation in the boat, without occupying any useful space inside the living area.

ZEUS200 can be installed both on small and medium size boats, acting as the only energy supply system, and on larger boats as an auxiliary system to be used during the night. With it is possible to power: on-board instrumentation, autopilot, watermaker, refrigerators, room heater, various lights and other small devices (even 230V via inverter) such as cell phone chargers, etc.

Zeus200 is:

  • Always available: it takes the fuel directly from the tank of the vessel
  • Silent: only <30dB(A) at 7m: you sleep peacefully even when the generator is running
  • Low emissions: can be used anywhere, without disturbing nearby boats
  • Intelligent: stops working when the batteries are charged, avoiding the waste of fuel
  • Easy to use: thanks to the touch screen display, everything is under control at the touch of a finger
  • Automatic mode: control sources and batteries independently, without any action on your part
  • Resistant: reverse polarity protection, overload, low battery or overtemperature protection


A technology also used in space

The ZEUS generator, also in the version dedicated to boating as well as for motorhomes, uses thermoelectric technology exploiting the Seebeck effect, discovered in 1821 and still used today to supply electricity in special applications, ranging from aerospace with NASA space probes and lunar rovers, to energy supply for telecommunication systems and weather stations, where electricity supply is not directly available. The generation of current is related to the temperature difference that is created between the two sides of a particular module inside the product and consists of a semiconductor. In the nautical application the thermal delta is created by a small oil burner for the hot side and by sea water for the cold side. ZEUS200 produces about 200 W of power silently. The temperature of the water and its minimal variability during the seasons, is the prerequisite for an excellent efficiency in the electrical production.

ZEUS200 can be integrated with a photovoltaic panel or with a wind generator (optional), in order to obtain an automatic control and recharging system for the batteries of the vessel. The control unit automatically selects the best energy source to be used, with priority to free energy, for an environmentally friendly recharge and a minimized consumption of fossil fuel.

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