Cantiere Nautico Marina Sant’Andrea: services for all boats


Cantiere Nautico Marina Sant’Andrea: services for every boat

Shipyard & Marina Sant’Andrea is a North Adriatic excellence. The Marina Sant’Andrea boatyard can offer the service that best suits your needs with a remarkable range of options, depending on your boat.

Safety at sea is essential. Sailors and those who work for them every day, like us, know this well. And our shipyard is the real flagship of the Shipyard & Marina Sant’Andrea for this. An area dedicated to boats with:

  • More than 130,000 square meters used for uncovered storage
  • 15,000 square meters of sheds with a height of 10 meters for covered storage
  • 1,000 square meters of heated spray booths (44 x 20 meters)
  • 800 square meters of carpentry
  • 1,500 square meters between workshops and laboratories

Marina Sant’Andrea Boatyard: refit and service

The Shipyard & Marina Sant’Andrea is capable of performing from simple specialized service up to the more complex refits on maxi yachts (such as machining for super yachts up to 120 feet) as well as on small boats, thanks to the new dedicated infrastructure, available professional skills, and experience in the field. Among the main services offered for both sailing and motor yachts are:

  • routine maintenance and repair hull and engines
  • Specialized carpentry work in wood, iron, stainless steel, alloys, and fiberglass
  • Protective and painting treatments in hull, interior cases; quality finish painting
  • General mechanics, on-board plumbing, electrical, electronics
  • Rig service and maintenance of deck equipment; outdoor, indoor storage in shed height 10 meters
  • general mechanical and plant engineering workshop
  • anticorrosive treatments and finish painting, with heated spray booth; wood, GRP and joinery carpentry
  • site services; technical support and project management

Marina Sant’Andrea Boatyard: the instrumentation

They include: 2 travel lifts of 80 and 115 tons; boat trolleys of 40 and 70 tons; self-propelled crane for masting and dismasting of 50 tons; fork lift of 10 tons (for dry storage, first system in Italy); 8.5-meter hauling tank.


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