Dufour 530


Dufour 530

At last the legendary Dufour Performance and Grand Large ranges are merged into one. The ultimate fusion of two worlds has resulted in a sailboat with incomparable characteristics. The Dufour 530 is a vibrant reflection of our vast know-how. Developed on the architectural basis of the Performance range, its authentic racer hull was designed with adrenaline in mind. Comfort is paramount in cruising, so we have combined the main features of the Grand Large with an open, safe and fully equipped deck. The Dufour 530 is available in three completely distinct layouts, a cockpit with all new features, a revolutionary bimini concept, and a totally revised overall aesthetic. A spacious and elegant sailboat, finished to the finest detail.


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Easy, Ocean or Performance? Offered in three versions, the Dufour 530 is a true chameleon. From easy cruising to ultimate performance, it is designed to fit all your needs. The Dufour 530 features a revolutionary cockpit with open access steps to the side decks. These separate the maneuvering and seating areas for greater passenger comfort. Sunbathing is even more enjoyable with the new rear sunbed with storage compartment, a Dufour exclusive.

Dufour 530

Dufour 530



The Easy version was developed for ease of maneuvering. It is equipped with two primary winches for all halyard sheets, and a self-centering jib. The roof is also free of any clutter for greater crew comfort.


In the Ocean version, the Dufour 530 has the full range of deck accessories. The roof houses the winches and halyards. First-class clamps are intended for genoa rigging and downwind sails. The mainsheet and its two winches are within reach of the helmsman.


In line with the Performance deck layout rules, the mainsheet point is fixed on the cockpit floor and controlled by two winches. Primary clamps control the genoa and downwind sails. The halyard rigging is well placed on the roof. Dufour 530 amazes in its Performance version, fully equipped with a long mast and a longer boom, as well as a 2.80-meter keel with a lead bulb bow, sheet point at the bottom of the cockpit and a specific design.


The Dufour design is clearly distinguished by the large amount of natural light that filters through the many deck hatches. Contrasting colors and materials give an elegant and sophisticated touch.

Dufour 530

Dufour 530


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