ICE 70 RS – Bandido


ICE 70 RS – Bandido

The great success of the ICE70s is measured in the boats launched and under construction, Bandido is the second specimen to hit the water, only a year after the first specimen Thalassa 2, while the shipyard is already building specimen No. 3 and No. 4. A truly successful project that readily met the expectations of discerning shipowners. Completely new interiors were also designed for Bandido. In fact, Felci Yachts Design offers the possibility of complete customization of the boat down to the smallest details.

ICE 70 RS – Bandit – Exteriors

Outside, two large benches have been introduced in the cockpit that can be used as sunbathing, but whose primary function is to create a larger and more convivial cockpit area.
Performance is guaranteed and proven even with the first specimen, emphasized by the lifting keel, which allows for great sailing performance and convenient access in sheltered roadsteads

ICE 70 RS – Bandido – Interiors

The Ice 70 Bandido greets those entering the boat with very light colors, shades of whites that make the environment extremely bright and elegant. Protagonists in the center of the living room are two prominent Natuzzi signature armchairs in ivory-colored leather, an original choice that harmonizes well with the specially designed sofa with modern, square lines.
The choices that are made at the design level all follow the needs of the owners. Hence the request to study a kitchen area positioned in the bow of the living room, at the same time separate but also in dialogue with the latter, so as to make the convivial aspect always pleasant even at the time of preparing dishes.
Also characteristic is the master stateroom, which provides a very large bed at the side. Creating a cozy, intimate corner. A long desk appears in front to enjoy moments of privacy and allow work space on board as well.

Data sheet

Loa 21,30 m
Lwl 19,80 m
B max 5,76 m
Dspl 27,2 T (Keel Weight 8100 kg)
Draft 2,80 – 4,40 m
Gennaker sail area 390 sqm
Sail Area 295 sqm
Engine 195 cv
Water tank 1100 lt
Fuel tank 1200 lt


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