Mahé Island


This is where Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles state, is located: one of the most vibrant and amazing cities where you can totally immerse yourself in the culture of the Seychelles people. Not to be missed is the “Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market,” one of the capital’s liveliest and most characteristic places, ideal for buying original souvenirs in craft boutiques and stocking up on fruits, vegetables, fresh fish and spices. On Mahé Island, there is also the “Du Roi Spice Garden” where spices of all kinds (vanilla, lemongrass, cinnamon, pepper) and endemic medicinal plants grow. The atmosphere of this garden, where there is also an old manor house and a museum, takes visitors back to the 18th century when the spice trade was a cornerstone of the economy of colonizing countries. Vanilla, lemongrass, cinnamon, pepper, and curry create an intoxicating mix of scents here.

Mahé Island – A paradise of beaches and hidden coves

On the western side of Mahé, you can also visit a tea plantation established in 1962 to discover its processing and enjoy the fresh mountain air with breathtaking views. The National History Museum, the Natural History Museum and the botanical garden at Mont Fleuri are also worth a visit. The most beautiful spectacle and treasure of the island, however, is hidden among the beautiful beaches and hidden coves scattered along the coast: in addition to Beau Vallon, where a multitude of water activities can be enjoyed, Anse La Mouche, Anse Royale, Anse Soleil, Anse Intendance, Port Glaud, and Anse Takamaka should also be explored and admired. Often described as “breathtaking” or even “outstanding,” Anse Takamaka is one of Mahé’s most beautiful beaches. Located south of Mahé, Anse Takamaka epitomizes the picture-postcard beach, where the wild waters of the Indian Ocean come ashore. Anse Takamaka is the quintessential picturesque beach, blending harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, which is almost devoid of buildings. The beautiful scenery, crystal clear water, and golden sandy beach in combination with the towering palm trees and takamaka trees make this beach a true treasure of Mahé, the largest island of the Seychelles. The bay is sheltered year-round from wind and waves, and the sea is not too deep. Although some high waves sometimes break on the beach, Anse Takamaka is very safe.

Mahé Island – Trekking and nature activities

Going down to Mahé, if traveling as a family, parents and children will choose “Cassedent,” a path among the pines and palm trees that comes out over a waterfall, “Copolia” for a 360-degree view of the island, or even “Curieuse” where they can meet giant tortoises in the wild or in the nursery (about 500). For those who love the peaks, a descent to Mahé is also a must for a day at the Constance Ephélia resort: in the 120-hectare park of tropical forest with fruit trees and fragrant spices to explore on foot or by bicycle, you can reach the famous granite rock walls. Led by SMAC Adventures, a group of adventure sports enthusiasts and experts, you can enjoy rock climbing, ziplining and rappelling. Taking advantage of a beautiful 18-meter-high natural granite rock face, SMAC Adventures offers different types of climbing with different levels of difficulty, designed for both beginners and experts. A fun and challenging activity designed for different ages: children and adults can try their hand at it, dreaming of reaching the summit. And what makes the difference is undoubtedly the surrounding landscape: rare plants and species, but also the breathtaking view of the island seen from above. For rope lovers, the experience of one of the many aerial Ziplines suspended both within and above the forest is also not to be missed. Just put the helmet on your head, a safe and secure harness, and then you are ready to fly along steel cables, screaming your lungs out while admiring nature. Experienced divers can instead engage in wreck diving, around Mahé, or set out to discover giant manta rays. Seychelles is indeed first and foremost the realm of divers. For lovers of the seabed, scuba diving in this archipelago represents one of the most intense and memorable experiences one can have, and Mahè is one of the best places to go diving, where marine life is truly abundant and varied thanks in part to strict environmental protection measures involving 50 percent of the country. Mahè thanks to its more than 75 accessible dive sites is the most diverse of all the islands, the submerged granite mountain range gives it a unique underwater geology, the granite rock has become the home of tropical fish as well as eagle rays and giant manta rays.

Mahé Island – The Marine National Park

Among the many, recommended excursions are the Port Launay Marine National Park and Shark Bank: the Marine National Park is the most suitable place for those who are new to scuba diving, the protected lagoons and shallow coral reefs guarantee unforgettable thrills in complete safety, here the lucky ones will be able to observe whale sharks, considered the giants of the sea, as well as octopuses, lobsters and nudibranchs in addition to fish of the most exotic species, the shallow depths and extreme visibility make for colorful diving. Shark Bank, on the other hand, is a site suitable for more experienced divers; 8 km from Mahé it extends into the ocean to a depth of 30 mt; strong currents attract reef sharks, rays, batfish, Napoleon fish, barracuda, gray sharks and eagle rays. Immersion in this wild and unspoiled ecosystem is really something special. In addition to the classic sandy bottom dives, it is also possible to take a dip into history by diving to discover four huge sunken vessels, the most beautiful and famous being the British oil tankers Ennerdale and Annerdale, submerged wrecks that have remained almost completely intact and home to large groupers and moray eels, scorpion fish and lion fish.

Mahé Island – The Island of 007

It should not be forgotten that Mahé is also the island of 007, and it is possible to organize a sailing vacation in his footsteps. How about a trip to the Seychelles in the heart of the Indian Ocean, retracing the steps of the sojourn of English author Ian Fleming and his character James Bond? The sea, sunshine and pristine nature of the Indian Ocean islands inspired the stories of Fleming, creator of James Bond. The world’s best-loved secret agent and his author spent a pleasant stay on Mahé Island amid hiking, snorkeling and ancient legends about treasures hidden by pirates. Places and stories that still fascinate many visitors seeking relaxation in an earthly paradise surrounded by crystal clear water and rare species. An adventure among giant tortoises and palm forests to retrace the steps of the English writer’s journey and experience a day in the shoes of a secret agent. It was 1958 when British writer Ian Fleming, creator of the famous Agent 007, went to the Seychelles in search of inspiration. The character of James Bond was born from his pen just five years earlier from that trip to the beautiful islands of the Indian Ocean. He left rainy London and moved for several days to the island of Mahé: here the writer indulged in a vacation of pure relaxation, among Creole culture and locals who made him appreciate the beauty of nature and the charm of ancient legends. Stories and places that still fascinate visitors arriving on the island of Mahé. To retrace the steps of the James Bond author, one must start from the northwest coast of the island, along the Beau Vallon beach where he stayed. From here he set off on an adventure in search of exotic plants and rare species that he could mention in his books: between hiking and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters, Fleming worked out the plot of one of his short stories that make up the collection titled “For Your Eyes Only.” The story is set in the Seychelles itself, where a billionaire organizes a hunt for a rare species of fish called the Hildebrand rarity; James Bond joins the expedition, which ends with the capture of the animal and the discovery of a murder. His imagination went even further, however, so that in the villains of his stories we find elements and characteristics that remain

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