Milano Yachting Week

Security, Communication and Rescue

With Nauticoncept you never get off your boat. Even at home

At Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show there are not only boats and accessories, but also the best services for yachtsmen. Discover them in the dedicated pavilion. Among the latest news, the intelligent remote system to keep your

What are you missing for the summer? Here you will find the latest in boat electronics

  Never as this year there are interesting novelties to have on board your boat this summer. News that improve, facilitate, cheer your vacation thanks to the rapid development of electronics or computer science. We entered the Milano Yachting Week

So the electronics help you fish better (and you have more fun)!

To fish at sea you need technique, experience, a little luck and good electronics! At Milano Yachting Week today we take you to discover Lowrance,, in the fishing electronics industry for over sixty years. Thanks to new sonar technologies and

Want to make your sailboat “run”? Here are the right tools

At Milano Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show, our digital boat show, you’ll find the right electronics to make your boat go fast and, why not, take great satisfaction in regattas. Just visit the pavilion of Navico, in the

Your boat’s electronics are already old. Find out how to renew it

Renew your boat, making it “up to date” or, better said, adapted to the times. How? With new accessories. We have searched for you at Milano Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show, the first virtual boat show with over

Boat fire: how to put it out even if you’re not on board

The fear of a boat fire is widespread among boaters. Today on the market there is a new system to sleep soundly, wherever you are. It’s called Aerpro Marine, which consists of two models: AM800/4 and AM800/10 and you can find

The right electronics for fishing based on the boat you have

15 What are the right electronics for a 7-meter boat according to Garmin? Click here to find out. At Milano Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show they explain, in detail, how to create a tailored and reliable instrument network

Fire on board? This way you put it out even if you are not there

The fire on board is a nightmare of many sailors. But from today there is a technology, called Aerpro Marine, which allows you to control and extinguish the fire on board a boat even if you are not there. This