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To fish at sea you need technique, experience, a little luck and good electronics! At Milano Yachting Week today we take you to discover Lowrance,, in the fishing electronics industry for over sixty years. Thanks to new sonar technologies and navigation instruments you will have a concrete help to fish better. This is also thanks to fishfinder/chartplotter functionality.

Lowrance, everything you need for sea fishing

Fishing at sea becomes easy, effective and fun. How? With the right electronic instrumentation. Lowrance has a whole series of technologies dedicated to fishfinding, such as the Active Target, the Elite Fs or the Hook Reveal to monitor in real time the seabed under the boat and detect the prey. Find out here how they work

Then think that there are features, for example on Active Target, such as Forward and Down views that allow you to detect the presence of fish in front of or under the live sonar transducer. Or the Scout mode provides an ultra-wide, top-down view of fish structure and activity in front of the transducer – ideal for finding schools of fish.

Where are the fish? FishReveal tells you

Available in 9-, 7- and 5-inch models, HOOK Reveal includes one of Lowrance’s most popular features, FishReveal and its real-time mapping solution, Genesis Live. FishReveal makes it easier to find and identify fish by combining Lowrance CHIRP sonar target separation and high-resolution fish stationing structure imagery from DownScan Imaging into a single screen.

lowrance hook reveal

This technology makes it easier to see fish by combining the benefits of Lowrance CHIRP sonar and DownScan Imaging in a single screen. For fishing in familiar areas or unknown waters, you’ll be able to discover the best fishing spots and map unknown waters in real time with Genesis Live. Want to find out in detail how they work? Click here

Get in touch with the experts of Lowrance with one click

Obviously in the pavilion of Navico you will find all the equipment for yachting under and over 12 meters and for freshwater fishing. From trolling motors to radars, all the latest innovations to keep up with the times. And if you have any questions, just click on the “contact us on whatsapp” buttons and send an email to get in touch with Navico’s experts. They’ll get right back to you!


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