There is a solution to always being informed about the status of your boat, whether you are a boat owner anxious to know how your little gem is doing, charter companies that need to keep track of the fleet, managers of a boatyard or a boat club. We explain what it is, but if you want to know all about how it works visit Nauticoncept’s booth at Milan Yachting Week now.
It is called Nauticoncept and has just arrived at Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show.

From the app you always know how your boat is doing

How Nauticoncept works is as simple as it is ingenious: once you have Nauticsafe sensors installed on board, you can monitor in detail all aspects of the boat directly from your smartphone, via the Nauticoncept app. Information updated in real time and always available on the temperature on board and the status/voltage of the batteries, on any bumps and skids, a live report on routes traveled and engine hours, with constant monitoring of cruising speed, and even precise geolocation of your boat with the ability to contact the nearest boatyards in case of breakdowns on board (also promptly reported by the app).

Do you run a charter company? Read here!

Nauticoncept was not created just for shipowners; in fact, it can be said that perhaps its most effective declination is for use by charter companies. Once the black box is installed on all boats under management, it will provide a real-time overview of the entire fleet from a single point: theNauticoncept application.Monitoring one’s boats every second, with information on possible collisions and speeding is no small added value, as is the ability to create a boat status history at the time of each check in and each check out, so that any problems can be monitored accurately.

To learn more and get in touch

You’ll want to get into the Nauticoncept booth right away to learn more about what they offer in detail, and if you want to contact them, just click on the email or whatsapp button.


Federico Rossi
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