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Fire on board is a nightmare for many sailors. But as of today there is a technology, called Aerpro Marine, and it allows you to control and extinguish fire aboard a boat even if you are not there.

This product can be found in SECURE 4 SEA’s booth at Milan Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show.

Fire on board: Aerpro Marine also installs it in retrofit

As CEO Andrea Azzolini tells it, Aerpro Marine is now the only effectively certified system in the field of aerosol technology for automatic firefighting on board.

With over two hundred systems installed, with the possibility of retrofitting it (when the boat is already sailing) this solution makes everyone sleep soundly. In fact, in this way every boat owner no longer risks the terrible surprise of finding his or her boat up in smoke. Aerpro Marine was created not only for large motor boats, but for all types of boats, including sailboats.

This technology from Aerpro Marine, seems as relevant as ever at the end of this summer. One only has to scroll through the reports of shipboard fires to see how common these kinds of incidents actually are. That said, a permanent solution of this type, not tied to the use of manually operated fire extinguishers, is definitely worth considering.

Learn more about Aerpro Marine

To find out how Aerpro Marine works you can directly contact with an email or whatsapp SECURE 4 SEA .

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