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FastBlades Antifouling for propellers, designed by propeller makers. Especially during this period of “forced hiatus”, you have been able to use your boat very little. You will have realized how a good antifouling paint makes the difference and avoids your hull to be covered with fouling.

Everyone focuses on the hull and appendages, but the propeller of your engine is also down there. A very delicate part that needs a special treatment, to avoid that it can be irreparably damaged by biofouling.

FastBlades: antifouling for propellers

This is why it is important not to rely on “gun” products but on specific coatings designed for propellers. A good example can be found at Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show, our permanent digital boat show. It’s FastBlades antifouling and you’ll find it at the stand of Ewol, a well-known manufacturer of high-tech propellers.

Analyzing the product, you will immediately understand how the expertise of those who make propellers is essential to develop an effective antifouling: FastBlades was tested for three years on the Open 50 Vento di Sardegna of the navigator Andrea Mura before being launched on the market.

The secret of “biomimicry

Its secret is contained in an adjective: “biomimetic”. What does it mean? Simple: the paint simulates the non-stick properties of living organisms, making it impossible for encrustations to adhere.

Very easy to apply with a brush, it has no biocides and was created specifically for marine propellers, propeller shafts and other submerged metal parts.

It doesn’t matter what your propeller looks like: stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, composite, fixed, folding, swivel. FastBlades is always good.  Even for painting shaft lines, propeller stands and Sail-Drive stern feet.

Find out more about FastBlades

Here you can find all the information about FastBlades and by clicking on the “Send an Email” and “Contact on Whatsapp” buttons, the Ewol staff, with Sergio Moroni and his team, will clarify all your questions and doubts. Then you can immediately purchase it!



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