Single-acting integral cylinder for backstay


Single-acting integral cylinder for backstay

The Harken Integral Backstay Cylinder provides the strength to quickly optimize sail shape while racing and to adjust mast tension for optimal furling while cruising. The Integral Cylinder features a single-acting pump. Each unit consists of hardcoat anodized aluminum cylinder and pump, valve, and a stainless steel handle that can be attached through two modes: 1) permanently, with a cotter pin 2) inserted only when necessary, the cotter pin and handle can be stored separately. The cylinders are equipped with fork attachments at both ends. The fiberglass adjustment indicator slides along the cylinder as it retracts to repeat the tension settings. It is compatible with standard eye/fork joints and are recommended for all installations. The knob opens the release valve when turned counterclockwise, closes it when turned clockwise. Thanks to special precautions, the knob cannot be overtightened by hand when closing the valve, preventing damage to the valve. The speed of release depends on how much you turn the knob. The maximum operating pressure is calibrated at Harken to prevent excessive stress on the backstay. The Integral Cylinder is available in 4 sizes indicatively for boats from 9 to 18 m for cables from 5 to 10 mm.

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