PlasDECK® Glow Series


Design and Security

PlasDECK® Glowing Azure gives a unique design to your boat that will go from a classic look during the day to an innovative one at night. The clear leaks will charge during the day in sunlight and then shine bright blue as night falls. The light emitted will be calm and elegant and will create a relaxing and special atmosphere.

Only aesthetics? Absolutely not! PlasDECK® Glowing azure is primarily designed to increase safety on board! You can in fact make inserts in the most important parts of the boat, such as steps, passageways, etc. to be able to see them clearly during the night. The intensity of light emitted is designed to offer maximum comfort and safety even during night navigation.

For information, technical data sheets and photos, as well as to order the product, just go to:

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