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To.Tem Lynx E-Motion Electric Scooter

No more punctures, the boring creaks of low-quality scooters: LYNX, a Muse Design Award winner, was created to revolutionize the micromobility industry by offering a solution that solves the real needs of people on the move. 3 wheels for stability but agility and fun at the same time. You carry it like a trolley and lift it like a suitcase, you can take out the battery and it is light. LYNX is the scooter is the perfect land tender in marinas and marinas. Designed and manufactured in Italy.

Infinity Sea Scooter Jobe

Do you dream of swimming through the water like a fish? Do you love underwater exploration and snorkeling? The Underwater Scooter is the one for you! Take a deep breath and enjoy the underwater landscape! Self-floating underwater scooter with electric propulsion, allows exploration of depths up to 30 meters.

Superwinch Terra 45Sr Winch


12-volt 2,041-kilogram capacity winch from the brand new “TERRA” series dedicated to ATVs, ATVs, cars, boat trailers due to its versatility of use. Electric winch designed for heavy duty with steel gears and bearing, 100% mechanical safety brake and electronic dynamic brake. The winch can be operated by the switch or the handheld remote control with 2.5 m long cable. With synthetic cable, terminal hook and bracket for mounting on trolley. The winch has the feature of having all the electrical part sectioned off (fuses, relays, and wiring) for easy removal if installed on the trolley. The loads shown are approximate because the coils of cable wound in the drum and the slope of the load to be hauled must be taken into consideration.

Konuspy 12 Daylight Night Vision.


Konuspy 12 is a digital night viewer with an ergonomic body that is compact, lightweight, and makes it possible to take photos and videos (color in daylight vision) even in the dark.

Tpc Rigid Gangway

The Polymer walkway made of TPC is the lightest, most buoyant and durable walkway on the market. The TPC walkway is created from thermoplastic composite material, the material of the future. This unique material allows the TPC walkway to finally replace wooden & related boards. Because of their maneuverability, TPC gangways are made with use on dedicated charter boats in mind but perfect for your boat as well. TPC walkways come in two lengths and can be customized with your boat name or whatever you prefer.

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