What do visitors like most about Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show? We selected three products for today that topped the Hit Parade of liking, based on booth visits.

Here is your selection of three highlights from Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show

The boat: Amel 60, or how to renew a great tradition

Where: Sailboat Marina

Shipyard: Sailaway (Amel, Allures; Garcia)

What: Amel 60

What it is: Amel 60 is the new blue water produced by one of the cult shipyards that have made yachting history. Born only a few months ago, it has already won major awards. It is appreciated by those who really know about boats and does not go unnoticed.

amel 60

Lightning strike: The Amel 60 is unlike any other. And you will find out by visiting her at Milan Yachting Week. Do you want some examples of why it is already an object of worship? The pilot seat is fully repaired, electric winches, lithium batteries, retractable maneuvering propeller are standard. No other shipyard offers them as standard.

Weather forecast: The best now at a discount

Services Pavilion


The professionals’ online weather forecast

Meteomed’s strong point is its up-to-date and accurate forecasts. Meteomed has the largest meteorological operations center in Italy, which it shares with 3B Meteo, Italy’s most accurate and reliable weather forecasting service.


Lightning Strike: Meteomed’s Mediterranean weather forecast service found at the digital boat show offers a chance to get a 10 percent discount. This applies to those who subscribe to premium services by simply clicking on the link at the booth.

The Accessory: Boat gets new again with The Cleaner

Where: Accessories Pavilion

Company: Synteak

What: The cleaner

At Milan Yachting Week there is a product that solves the problem of boat cleaning. It is called The Cleaner and can clean any surface on the boat and dinghy. In addition, it is certified as 100% biodegradable and therefore does not pollute.

the cleaner

Lightning strike: Synteak have created the new The Cleaner, the only instant power cleaner on the market, which in the video demonstrates its actual effectiveness. In the booth there is the possibility of being able to purchase it online and have it arrive in two to three days at home.

-News by Milano Yachting Week

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