kicker marine audioIt’s one thing to listen to music on a boat with Bluetooth speakers, or a traditional radio. It’s another to do it with a hi-fi system that would satisfy even the most demanding of audiophiles. At Milano Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show, at Indemar’s stand, you’ll find the perfect audio systems to “gas up” with your favorite hits, at anchor (without disturbing the boats nearby) or while sailing.

Kicker Marine Audio, the perfect hi-fi system for the boat

It’s Kicker Marine Audio products that help you bring high-performance audio to your boat. Built to withstand weather, salt, humidity and UV exposure, the speakers and subwoofers ensure superior audio quality.

To understand how this is possible, you only need to visit the products in the booth: for example, UV treatments on injection-molded cones, Santoprene surrounds, and grilles help maintain peak performance, even on the water. And that’s just one of the many secrets of the Kicker Marine Audio systems we invite you to discover in the Indemar booth.

For more information

For any info or clarification on the products, just click on the “Send an email” or “Contact on Whatsapp” buttons and the experts at Indemar, a historic distributor of innovative technical components for the marine sector, will get right back to you.


Federico Rossi
Author:Federico Rossi


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