One of the habits that have been overturned in the last year and a half is definitely that of eating out: restaurants open only for lunch, only outdoors, only for take-out, we’ve seen it all. At the Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat Show we present Foodinghy, the innovative service that allows you to have the food of your favorite restaurants even on your boat.

Support the reopening of restaurants, order with Foodinghy!

Now that the restaurants seem to be finally on the way to full reopening, the invitation we extend to everyone is to support them by going to eat there or by ordering their food, at home or … by boat! How does Foodinghy work? Very simple: go to the Foodinghy website, choose the restaurant and dishes you want on board and in 30 minutes they will arrive on board a tender! To us the idea seems very simple and at the same time incredibly brilliant! We can’t wait to order with Foodinghy this summer on a boat.

If you visit the Foodinghy stand you will discover who is behind this innovative idea, listening to an interview with the founder Andrea Guagno who got tired of always eating pizza and focaccia when he was at anchor. And if you are a restaurant on the sea and want to increase the revenue of your place you can contact them to become a Foodinghy restaurant.

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Federico Rossi
Author:Federico Rossi


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