ewolAt Milano Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show you will find the right propeller for your sailing boat. Just go to the accessories pavilion to discover how the Italian Ewol produces flag propellers with adjustable pitch made of absolute avant-garde materials.

The secrets of Ewol propellers

A story that began 23 years ago, as Ewol Sergio Moroni’s ad tells in the welcome interview at the stand: “We decided right away to launch ourselves on hi-tech products and materials, using Superduplex stainless steel and titanium when, back then, propellers were only made of bronze”.

Sergio Moroni from Ewol explains all the secrets of the new “Sword” shovels in our video interview at the entrance of the Ewol stand at Milano Yachting Week

But why steel and titanium? It is soon said: these are materials that have no equal when it comes to corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.

Ewol produces three- and four-bladed propellers, for sailing boats from 6 meters upwards. In the stand you will discover the whole range and its secrets (like the new “Sword” blades, which have a shape reminiscent of a scimitar and have a curved leading edge that allows to increase efficiency and a curved trailing edge also “discharged” to reduce noise in rotation and increase efficiency in propulsion).

The right propeller for a boat from 35 to 55 feet

For medium to large boats from 35 to 55 feet, for example, the right model is Orion.

Its heart is made up of gears that allow the blades to orient themselves according to the fluid threads of the water during sailing and to be arranged with the correct angle of incidence during motor navigation, thus improving the performance of the boat both sailing and motor.

Orion brilliantly solves the problem of poor manoeuvrability of boats in reverse, especially in difficult environmental conditions such as strong wind, limited space, rough sea, etc..

Click HERE to discover all its features.

Learn more about Ewol

To know more about the range of Ewol propellers, the experts of the company are at your disposal to advise you, just click the email button or send a message with whatsapp. And there is more, you can buy the products directly from the stand, with a click on the “Buy now” button.


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