varifoldAt Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show you will find the right propeller for your boat.

For years boats with propellers with retractable blades have lived with problems related to vibration, cavitation and unreliability on the opening of the blades. Brunton’s Propellers’ Varifold solves all of these issues.

The secrets of Varifold

Take a tour of the Brunton’s Propellers stand at Milan Yachting Week to see how Varifold does not rotate under sail even at high speeds. These propellers, with a revolutionary profile, combine the low resistance of the folding blades with the maneuverability, in both directions, typical of traditional propellers.

Among Varifold‘s secrets is the conventional blade shape with helical pitch distribution to be able to transmit maximum power with minimum vibration and noise levels. But that’s just one of its “goodies” that we invite you to discover at Brunton’s Propellers booth.

Learn more

And if you want more information about Varifold and all the other Brunton’s products (such as the automatic variable pitch propeller Autoprop) you just have to click on the “send an email” button on the stand, the experts will answer you immediately indicating the right solution for your boat!


Federico Rossi
Author:Federico Rossi


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