The new edition of Milano Yachting Week, the most visited digital boat show, has officially started. After the success we achieved, thanks to you, during the first edition, Milan Yachting Week has been renewed for the second edition. As of October 15, 2021, we are online and will be online for a full year. We have made many changes to the Digital Salon, which is now even easier to visit. Here you will find a product page of an exhibited boat. Discover how intuitive it is to explore products and contact exhibitors. Comparing different boats or products is now so easy, thanks to filters you can search in a snap for products you are interested in and can visit.

This is what you are faced with when you visit a product in the new Digital Showroom. Effective and super simple, you look at what you like and contact the manufacturer or vendor in one click. Run now to visit the second edition of Milan Yachting Week by clicking the button below, and find out all the new things we have brought, new products and new exhibitors.


Federico Rossi
Author:Federico Rossi


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