Advanced A44


ADVANCED A44, The High Performance Day-Sailer

Advanced A44 is a day-sailer, i.e., a type of boat that is becoming increasingly popular because it is increasingly appreciated even by those who have had much larger, more important and demanding boats. Fun, sporty, high-performance. The hull, appendages and sail plan design is by Roberto Biscontini, undisputed guru of high performance sailing elaborated in the long experience in the America’s Cup since 1989 with the Moor of Venice and later with the Pact 95, Young America BMW Oracle Racing, Luna Rossa, Team New Zealand teams, but also recently in the Volvo Open 70 field by participating in the Camper Emirates Team New Zeland.

Biscontini’s experience in the world of modern racing gives Advanced 44 a hull shape with a straight bow, fixed bowsprit, almost a dolphin bowsprit, for gennaker or zero tails, wide stern coinciding with the maximum beam and very flared. These design choices dictated by the search for performance, offer from the point of view of habitability an extraordinary amount of space particularly in the stern, forming a real terrace on the sea, highly appreciated in daily use, but also in the small cruises to which it can be lent.

The design of Advanced A44

Nauta Yachts, has been responsible for the design and styling of the deck, deckhouse, and interior, with daily use in mind, as well as short- to medium-range cruise use. The large aft area becomes an extraordinary sundeck, certainly popular at anchor after a sail, made even more comfortable by padding the aft balcony for use as a backrest. Below deck, the space is organized into a cozy open space that provides all the functions useful for day sailing as well as cruising: two double cabins, bathroom, galley, and a saloon with a fold-down wing table flanked by two seats.

To give more space to the forward cabin, the separation, achieved with a movable and light closure, is applied aft of the saloon, bordering the galley area, thus creating a true master suite, spacious and airy.

The décor is in line with Nauta Yachts’ philosophy and with the boat’s sporty, high-performance style, modern, bright, and welcoming, to offer quality comfort and relaxation below deck as well, complementing the dynamic spirit of Advance 44.

Advanced A44

The exterior of Advanced A44

TheAdvanced A44 is conceived as a high quality sports boat in terms of design, construction materials and equipment. Designed according to the latest trends, it is extremely light and high-performance, with very powerful water lines that ensure exciting glides while providing ample space on board. A boat designed to achieve important sporting results and, at the same time, maintainextreme ease of operation, such that it can be put out to sea with only two people.

Derived from studies done on VO70s and TP52s, the hull of the A44 encompasses all the latest solutions in the field of performance hulls. It is the result of an impressive CFD study that compared numerous hulls to calibrate size and volume distribution.

The advantages of this hull architecture are not only limited to sailing: in fact, even at anchor, the taut volumes low on the water provide excellent longitudinal and transverse inertia, significantly mitigating the tendency to roll and pitch, a perfect and stable platform for enjoying the abundant living spaces on deck.

advanced a44

The interior of Advanced A44

The A44 features a new concept in interior solution: a large open space to the bow to provide a spacious dinette where numerous guests can be accommodated in an airy and bright setting that extends to the master suite. Further aft is a second guest cabin separated with bulkheads and door and the large bathroom complete with separate shower stall. Great care has been taken in the selection of fine materials, with a wide choice of colors and woods available to the owner.

Advanced Interior A44


Data sheet

LOA 13.46 m
B.max 4.25 m
Draft 3.00 m
Weight 7,100 kg
Water 300 l
Fuel 200 l
Engines 40 hp


Advanced A44 layout






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