ICE 70 – Thalassa


ICE 70 – Thalassa

The new ICE70 is a high-tech boat. Starting with the design of the hull and appendages with which the fundamental concepts that have always made a Felci Yachts project successful have been improved. The shapes of the living work are born to achieve the highest level of performance and allow each ICE70 to participate in “long distance” offshore races or excel in Mini Maxi competitions. The shape of the hull is characterized by a low wetted surface area and at the same time high shape stability, both of which are crucial to performance.

The design of the new ICE 70 was created using the most advanced modeling and analysis software available today. With these cutting-edge systems, we have taken the integration of hull efficiency, structure efficiency, and living space optimization to an even higher level. Thanks to the new virtual reality “tools,” we were able to make the owner and the shipyard involved in many choices, both geometric and stylistic.

The construction is made with extensive use of carbon fibers, used for the hull, deck and structures.
The interior fittings are made of lightened material to allow the final displacement to remain very low, despite a generous amount of first-rate equipment.
Also complicit in this achievement is the lifting keel, which allows the draught to be varied from 4.5 to 2.8 meters, making it easier to use the yacht while cruising and at the same time improving performance and stability while sailing.

ICE 70 – Thalassa – Exteriors

The development of the deadrise allows for large interior volumes, such that this yacht is an unparalleled cruising vessel with all the comforts.

The deck is The result of an ergonomic and functional study, with a single cockpit, deep enough so as to give safety. Deck equipment is simply and rationally arranged, with the primary and mainsail winches set back, conveniently reached by both crew and helmsman. The mainsail halyard is also deferred at the stern so that it can be hoisted by staying directly at the wheel.

The yacht is equipped with a carbon dolphin rail, to wall both gennaker and zero tails, as well as to serve as an anchor nose. The stern can be opened to give access to the large garage, in which a tender and numerous items needed on board can be stowed. The aft gangway is hydraulic, retractable, as are the pistons to adjust the backstay.
The shape of the deckhouse is flat and rather square, with a large double-layer crystal surface that gives light to the “raised” living room.

ICE 70 – Thalassa – Interiors

In terms of stylistic choices, the classicism and restraint of the exterior could only be reflected in the interior as well.
The main essences are teak, left natural, leather, to enrich the vertical paneling, and fabrics, which are very technical and modern.
Going toward the bow, we find the guest cabin with its generous bathroom and the elegant master cabin.
The galley is located aft, completely separate from the salon and communicating with the master cabin. Typical configuration of larger maxi yachts, allowing complete privacy between owner and crew.
Air conditioning, generator, desalinator and a 195-hp engine complete the equipment of this yacht, where every element is designed for “long distance” sailing and prolonged stay on board.


Data sheet

Loa 21,30 m
Lwl 19,80 m
B max 5,80 m
Dspl 25,5 T
Draft 2,80 – 4,50 m
Mainsail area 150 sqm
Jib sail area 115 sqm
Gennaker sail Area 390 sqm
Engine 195 hp
Water tank 1100 lt
Fuel tank 1200 lt

ICE 70 Thalassa² - Interni ICE 70 Thalassa² - Interni 4 ICE 70 Thalassa² - Interni 3 ICE 70 Thalassa² - Interni 2


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