Master Elvstrøm – Club Racing

It’s your time to shine! Hop in your boat with some friends and cross the finish line of the regatta first. If you like every detail of the sail and are always looking for the optimal solution. Choose MAESTRO and challenge your best opponent. Do it now! Create your own fortune. We provide the shape that will make you fly.

Maestro Elvstrøm Main Sail – Nanno, Carbon/Aramid Black

EPEX nanno combines our market-leading vacuum infusion technology with cutting-edge composite material science for a sail that is lightweight, easy and smooth to handle, yet durable. The choice for the connoisseur sailor! With the new generation of flat carbon fibers and integrated carbon filament reinforcements, the EPEX nanno features a lighter and thinner core structure without compromising on elasticity and shape.

Master Elvstrøm: high performance

EPEX nanno features a strong and lightweight structure. On both sides of the flat carbon fibers and regular black aramid fibers, there is an ultrathin film that adds diagonal strength, and a mono and micro polyester surface in light gray adds wear protection. Integrated Absorption Power Strips ™, made from a strong carbon filament, add additional power distribution in typical overstressed areas of the sail.

Performance – Duration – Price

– Performance 9.8

– Duration 7.6

– Price 8.9

Note: Performance, durability and price indicators are illustrated for each material combination on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest.

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