Pyxis 30 WA FishingThe Pyxis 30 WA Fishing is the 100% fishing model from Pyxis Yachts. The Swiss shipyard born last year exhibits at the Milan Yachting Week its two versions of the Pyxis 30 WA. Today we see the fishing version. Click here to get on board

Pyxis 30 WA Fishing

Swiss shipyard for a boat with a 100% Italian heart (and charm) and American style. As a matter of fact, the two founders, Lucio and Henry Apollonj Ghetti, for the first two models presented, made use of great names of the Italian boating industry such as Alessandro Chessa, Carlo Galeazzi and for the Pyxis 30 WA Fishing (get on board here) also of the advice of Antonio Maria Moscato of IMD (International Marine Dealers) Boats, known for his great knowledge in the world of fishing hulls.

IMD BOATS and Pyxis Yachts are therefore partners in an operation that brings a fishing boat with American styling to the market.

Pyxis 30 WA Fishing: the fishing boat that takes you cruising

Pyxis 30 WA Fishing is a fisherman with which you can leave to go fishing. With its 9.8 meters of length, this boat is a boat and therefore does not require registration in Italy. In the fishing version, designed with Antonio Maria Moscato, is equipped with top of the range accessories mostly imported from the United States. See here the complete data sheet for fishing.

Not only fisherman, but also cruiser. With a bow sundeck, it is possible to enjoy the Pyxis 30 WA Fishing even in relaxed sailing. Being a fishing boat, the hull highlights a deep bow sundeck, suitable for dealing with a formed sea without wetting the crew. The stern deadrise is about 20°.

With two outboard motors of 200 or 300 horsepower, the top speed ranges between 40 and 50 knots.

Would you like to get a quote from the shipyard?

Would you like to have more details from the shipyard on how the boat is made, materials, accessories and maybe schedule a visit? Click here and activate a contact by email or directly on Whatsapp.

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