There must be an explanation if this boat of just over 8 meters, Axopar 28 (click here to get on board) is having great success both in Europe and in the United States. Now it’s coming to Italy too and you can find it at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show just arrived in the virtual dock of the most visited boat show.

Why is Axopar 28, imported by Corte Lotti, having so much success with record numbers?

Because Axopar 28 has revolutionized the concept of the multipurpose boat, powered by outboards from 200 to 400 horsepower. On a truly innovative naval platform, with a double step hull, it has grafted a very attractive design, but outside the box. And from the same hull he has created three different boats. We suggest you to go and see Axopar 28 (click here to see it up close) in detail right now.


Axopar 28 – One hull, three different boats

To give you a taste of what you’ll discover when you visit, here are some basic concepts of this ingenious boat that looks much bigger than its 8.75 meters in length overall.

First of all unique for its versatility. the Axopar 28:

Is offered in three different versions: Cabin, Open, T-TOP. Depending on your style you can choose:

-Axopar 28 Cabin. A boat completely closed to have the pleasure of sleeping on board as on a real yacht.

– Axopar 28 T-Top, covered by a t-top, the ideal day boat to enjoy it with friends and family.

– Axopar 28 Opena, a spider of the sea, ideal for running on the sea during the summer season in close contact with the water and everything that surrounds us.


Axopar 28 looks two meters bigger

All three versions have certain characteristics in common: ease of handling, sporty and elegant design, performance and comfort on board. All Axopar 28 models, aft, can be configured with or without an additional rear-facing bench seat and storage area. Another popular solution is the wet-bar to transform this portion of the boat into a relaxation area.


Space is not lacking indeed

And then the spaces inside and out, in all models are increased to make it seem longer than a couple of meters. Have we enticed you? You just have to click here and visit the new Axopar 28 (click here to get on board) in the three versions Cabin, T-Top and Open.


One click to get in touch

And if you want to learn more with a site manager or book a visit via email or whatsapp, on the stand you will find the buttons to activate the contact with a click. The experts of Axopar’s importer, Corte Lotti, are waiting for you.

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Federico Rossi
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