VERGA-Plast is an Italian company founded in 1958 by Mr. Giancarlo Verga. The shipyard has become famous with its transparent tenders, but also with the rest of the range that includes trimarans, displacement round hull spears and V-shaped hulls. A good part of these boats can be found at the Milano Yachting Week and are really for all tastes.

8 VERGA-Plast boats you can buy online

The Italian shipyard VERGA-Plast has always specialized in the production of versatile boats. Usable as a tender or for exploration, they are shock resistant.  They have always used quality materials with a high thickness, which combined with the concept of 2-shell construction, with injection of polyurethane foam closed cell in the cavity, make the hulls absolutely unsinkable, resistant to impact and structural aging. Want to know more? Click here to see all VERGA-Plast boats at Milano Yachting Week.

How do I buy online? Click here to get to the VERGA-Plast Store and from there you can see all the models available for sale online.

Here is a preview of eight models in the VERGA-Plast store that you can buy online!

Delfino 520 – LOA: 5.11 metres – CLICK HERE

Delfino 600 – LOA: 5.98 metres – CLICK HERE

Tender 220T – LOA: 2.20 metres – CCLICK HERE

Libellula Export – LOA: 2.76 metres – CLICK HERE

Larianella – LOA: 2.80 metres – CLICK HERE

Coral View 250 – LOA: 2.49 metres – CLICK HERE

Lario 420 – LOA: 4.22 metres – CLICK HERE

Tender 245 – LOA 2.47 metres – CLICK HERE

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