Boat or dinghy? A nice dilemma, especially for those who are looking for a walk-around boat of 13 meters. The inflatables, in the midst of international boom, have reached important levels in terms of space even below deck. Today we see two boats similar in type and size, exhibited at Milano Yachting Week: Pirelli 42 and Fjord 41 XL.

Boat or dinghy? Comparing two models of 13 meters

Let’s start from a fundamental assumption: in their own way these two boats are the emblem of the most trendy boats at the moment! The raft on the one hand is experiencing a moment of great success, especially on the medium to large size between 10 and 15 meters. On the other hand the walk-around, the example of Med boat, the modern Mediterranean boat that has conquered the world.

On the one hand we have the Fjord 41 XL, the last walk-around launched by those who practically invented walk-around boats. On the other hand we have the Pirelli 42, the latest Pirelli by Tecnorib, which is one of the most interesting maxi-boats launched in 2020.

Two boats designed to spend a day or a weekend at sea with a cabin at the bow. On board both models the interior space is remarkable, even on the dinghy where one would expect a more sacrificed cabin. Well, it is not so. In terms of performance there is an advantage of the inflatable boat that also has a wider variety of possible engines. Speaking of the deck plan the advice is only one: get on board and see it with your own eyes!

Fjord 41 XL

With its 13.40 meters long overall length it is the last in the long walk-around dynasty of Fjord (visit the Fjord stand here). A completely new boat, based on Fjord’s original DNA. Plenty of space, both outside and inside for a boat designed both as a Med Boat and a luxury tender. Click here to get on board and book a visit!

fjord 41 xl

Pirelli 42

Pirelli 42 is the starting point of a new path, which collects and enhances the DNA of a unique brand, a perfect synthesis of the experience, know-how and technology of the models that preceded it. A real dinghy with solutions that make it ideal both as a weekend boat and as a luxury tender. Click here to get on board and book a visit!


– News by Milano Yachting Week

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