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At Milano Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show you will also find superyachts “out of the chorus”. Like the brand new Y9 (27,40 x 6,80 m in carbon) that is coming to life in the Y Yachts shipyard.

A boat that fully embodies the philosophy of Y Yachts founder Michael Schmidt, the most ingenious and creative German boat builder of the moment. A philosophy that he tells well in the long video interview that you can find at the entrance of the Y Y Yachts stand in the marina of Milan Yachting Week.

Some key points of the Y9 Yachts philosophy:

– All winches and manoeuvres are located close to the helmsman
– There is the self-tacking jib
– There is a locker for gennaker and Code 0 in the bow area
– The sockets in the sea have been reduced and contained in collectors
– All technical equipment is stored in a compartment in the salon for easy access
– The stern transverse garage allows larger inflatable boats to be carried on board, while providing more interior space
– Total customization of the interior design
– Total layout customization
– Eco” construction using synthetic teak or alternative wood, energy efficient production, lightweight construction, reduction of window surfaces, use of recycled plastics

Y9 Yachts, comfortable (and fast) like a 100 feet

“Actually,” Schmidt reveals, for the Y9, “customers were interested in the 100 foot length. However, from this size upwards – in my experience – yachts become disproportionately expensive because many components have to be custom built. With our experience, we have therefore brought the comfort of a 100-foot yacht to a length of 90 feet. With our new Y9 we enter the super yacht segment.

The boat promises to be very stable, it will tilt very little: just think that out of a total weight of 49.5 t 20 t are in the ballast!

You should board the Y9 Y Yachts, designed by another superboat genius, Bill Tripp. The interiors are the result of Norm Architects’ style and the experience of Design Unlimited. Among the product photos there are also some shots “stolen” from the boat under construction.

Learn more and contact the experts

Y Yachts at Milano Yachting Week brought two more of its jewels, the Y7 and the Y8: take a look at these German technology concentrates too! And if you would like to go deeper with a shipyard manager or book a visit by email, in the stand you will find the buttons to activate the contact with a click.


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