Toy 36

Toy Marine’s Toy 36 is one of those goodies you don’t often see in magazines or at boat shows. An exclusive boat for an audience of motor boat enthusiasts and experts, boating and pure elegance. Today, however, there is a surprise: you can find the Toy 36 exclusively moored at our virtual dock in the marina at Milan Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show. We then talk about one of the most popular (and copied) boats in recent motor boating history.

Toy 36, the lobster that set the standard

We are talking about the Toy 36, which is considered the progenitor of the evolution of American lobster boats, with a modern twist and Italian flavor. These boats are difficult to see because the Italian boatyard Toy Marine does not usually participate in any boat shows or advertise. Instead, you can find it exclusively at Milan Yachting Week.

Class and elegance, a boat like a tailored suit

What about the boat? If you question a powerboat expert, he or she will tell you nothing but good things about it, and if you see it on the dock you can say nothing but this, “What class…and what elegance!” This 11-meter is the unique and original Toy Marine, a one-of-a-kind boat. The Toy 36 like all other Toy (47/51/67) are boats built like a custom-made suit, tailored to the needs of each individual owner, as founder Aldo Tomasina told us in the interview(CLICK HERE TO SEE IT)

Toy Marine: here’s how to book an on-board visit

You will also discover, by visiting the booth, the new flybridge version of the Toy 36 and, above all, the secrets that have made her one of the most enduring successes in Italian boating (34 built). If you would like to learn more with a manager of the shipyard or book a visit via email or whatsapp, on the booth you will find buttons to activate contact with a click. (CLICK HERE)


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