Milano Yachting Week

Sailing equipment

There are six options for getting the right sails. Discover the one that’s right for you

The world of sails, the true engine of a sailboat, evolves to meet every need. Because not everyone uses the boat in the same way. Elvstrøm Sails, which is exhibiting its production at the Milano Yachting Week – The Digital

Why it is convenient to change winches and furlers. New products by Bamar and Harken

Renew your boat, making it “up-to-date” or rather appropriate to the times. How? With new accessories. We searched for you at Milano Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show, the first virtual boat show with over 500 products, what to

Faster than before with sails that last. Elvstrøm takes care of it!

The time has come to put new horsepower into your boat’s engine. We are talking about the sails, the real engine of a boat pushed by the wind. Too often, poor performance under sail is attributed to the characteristics of

Mooring lines: which ones to choose and why Punto Nautico XL reveals it to you

The importance of mooring lines is often underestimated. And we find ourselves, in moments of difficulty, having to maneuver during the docking phase with very heavy and oversized lines. The choice of the right line is fundamental and at the

Today the electric winders are mounted on bowsprit. Thanks to this

At Milano Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show you will find the best deck equipment for your boat. In the Bamar stand, for example, you will find all the “jewels” of an Italian company that has made technological innovation

Throw away the metal backstay, the textile is better. Thanks to Regatta

At Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show in the accessories pavilion you will find high technology applied to the tops of sailing boats. Let’s talk about the sheets, halyards, stays that can be found in the stand of

The new generation of jib furler has arrived. Everything changes, discover how

If you want to see what the present future of furling is, at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show visit the stand of Bamar that with these deck accessories has made history and produced them for over 40