antiscivoloAt Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show, our digital show, you’ll find all the solutions for not slipping on your boat: from paints to anti-slip tapes and natural materials.

The non-slip coating that you apply DIY

The first anti-slip solution is KiwiGrip (which you will find at Indemar’s stand), ideal for your deck and for DIY enthusiasts. It is a water-based, weather-resistant acrylic paint. KiwiGrip is non-toxic and contains no solvents.

The application is done with a special roller, you can decide the thickness and the “grain” of the anti-slip depending on the pressure you apply. The lightness of the product and its cost-effectiveness make it one of the choices most frequently used by sailors who care about substance or performance: there are many, for example, oceanic sailors who rely on anti-slip coatings!


The boat slip inspired by Hawaii’s surfers

Another solution came from Harken and was inspired by surfers in Hawaii who had a practical problem. Finding a way to attach something to the board that wouldn’t make them slip at crucial moments in the surf and that wouldn’t be abrasive to their feet.

Lo and behold, Harken Marine Grip took the best of this invention and transferred it to the boat. This tape, which can be trimmed as needed, fits on any footing surface in the boat. Non-abrasive and also not made of foam that could absorb water, it installs easily anywhere without the need for specialists.


Cork as anti-slip

Let’s close with Marinecork, the cork for boating: it stands as the only real natural alternative to teak. Easy to install, it has a very high mechanical resistance; besides being a perfect anti-slip, it is an excellent thermal insulator, and for this reason it is not hot to the touch; last but not least, it is stain-proof and acoustic insulating; last but not least, it is very pleasant under the feet, guaranteeing full relax on board.



Federico Rossi
Author:Federico Rossi