punto nautico xlThe importance of mooring lines is often underestimated. And we find ourselves, in moments of difficulty, having to maneuver during the docking phase with very heavy and oversized lines.

The choice of the right line is fundamental and at the Milano Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show the experts of Punto Nautico XL come to our rescue at their stand.

Here is their advice:

  • Fixed ropes to the port: an 8-wood braid commonly called “Squareline” but produced in polyamide fiber because this, unlike polyester, is much stronger with the same diameter, much more elastic and finally lighter; it has only the defect of being a little more expensive, but it is worth it.
  • Ropes for flying moorings: a rope that we call “Line rope” is made of an external braid “sock” in polyester and an internal braid “core” in polyamide. This combination allows to have a rope very soft to handle, lighter than a double polyester braid and at the same time more resistant.

From Spain the right ropes for your boat. Whatever it is

At the Milan Yachting Week Punto Nautico XL will present four ranges of REGATTA lines (HERE is the complete catalog, including products for mooring), the brand of a Spanish company of high performance ropes for boating on the international market for over 30 years, sponsor of the Spanish National Olympic team and other events. They range from the America’s Cup line, characterized by the use of high-tech fibers, to the Cruising range dedicated to the cruising world, passing through the Dinghy line for dinghies or sportboats and the Performance series, in which the braids are made up of a core that can be only in Dyneema SK78 or mixed SK78+Polyester.

The experts at Punto Nautico XL are at your disposal

If you need advice to rig your boat, do not hesitate to contact on whatsapp or send an email to Punto Nautico XL technicians in the stand, they will answer you immediately!



Federico Rossi
Author:Federico Rossi


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