At Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show in the accessories pavilion you will find high technology applied to sailboat tops as well. We are talking about the sheets, halyards, stays that can be found in Punto Nautico XL’s booth displaying the products of Spanish brand Regatta.

Yes, because many people underestimate the importance of a good top in the sailing world. Excessive elongation under stress, low wear resistance can cause big trouble in navigation.

Regatta’s ropes, sheets, and halyards prevent any problems with their quality and use of high-tech materials such as Dynema, Kevlar, and UV-resistant polyester.

Regatta products are adopted by the Olympic national sailing team and are on board the world’s best racing and cruising boats.

The forestay is now in textile

To give you a sense of what you will find in the Punto Nautico XL/Regatta booth, let’s take a product from the America’s Cup Line as an example.

It is called Oceanic Vectran designed to be used exclusively for the backstay (or forestay as it may be called). It changes the life of a boat; instead of the “old forestay” metal forestay, a soft textile forestay is installed that has virtually zero elongation, with a small diameter and outstanding characteristics. Find out about its features here:

Four Regatta product lines for every type of boat

Discover in the Punto Nautico XL booth the four product lines that characterize Regatta’s production, each line specific to a type of use:

Here’s a preview of them:

America’s Cup Line for high-performance and racing offshore boats, elongation less than 1%.

Performance Line for racing and cruising boats including oceanic, elongation less than 1.5%

– Cruising Line for offshore cruising boats, elongation less than 5%

Dinghy Line for dinghies of all kinds, from day-trip dinghies to racing dinghies, 1 to 5 percent elongation.

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At the XL/Regatta Nautical Point booth you’ll find the best in the world of ropes. Find out which ones they are by clicking directly here-you can also dialogue directly with experts via email or whatsapp or by booking an appointment.



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