If you want to see what the present future of furlers is, at Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show visit Bamar’s booth, which has made history with these deck accessories and has been producing them for more than 40 years.

The world’s largest jib furler now on your boat

But what has changed in winders, wasn’t everything already invented? As he explains in the video interview that you can watch and listen to, Francesco Tamburini of Bamar talks about what has changed in the latest generation of rollers.

From the experience of Bamar furlers installed on the world’s largest sailboat, today evolved and innovative furling systems can be mounted on “normal” boats as well. Tamburini considers this new product the star of the Bamar booth at Milan Yachting Week. It is called GFSE 8.

The name is nothing but an acronym for “ball furling flanged on deck.” Simply put, we are talking about the new generation of furlers, of which Bamar is a leader, that no longer have the bulky outer drum on the bow, on deck. The forestay furling and adjustment system is hidden all below deck.

It is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also of functionality and practicality. The extreme bow changes its appearance.

Bamar with the new GSFE 8 has succeeded in building with the same technology as superyachts this boat-launching boat from 50 feet and up. It is, of course, electric (hydraulic on larger boat versions) and uses sophisticated materials and design and construction technology to reduce weight and size.

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Find out how Bamar’s engineers made the new GFSE 8 furling jib, what this new accessory looks like, and how it mounts on board by visiting the product in the booth at Milan Yachting Week now by clicking directly HERE.

You will also be able to dialogue directly with Bamar’s experts via email and perhaps go to see it live by booking an appointment.



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