ElvstrømThe time has come to put new horsepower into your boat’s engine. We are talking about the sails, the real engine of a wind-driven boat. Too often poor performance under sail is blamed on the characteristics of the boat, a dirty hull, or poor helmsman skills. Instead, almost always, it is the sails that are the cause of dissatisfaction when sailing sails.

Good sails make all the difference! And don’t think that a traditional sail is more long-lived than a sail of the latest technology.

At Milan Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show find the right compromise solution between long-lasting sails and high performance.

Elvstrøm Sails, the historic Danish sailmaker founded in 1954 by the legendary Paul Elvstrøm, the only sailor to win four gold medals in four consecutive Olympics, presents it to you at its booth. A sailing company that has always distinguished itself by its ability to dialogue with the shipowner, to find together with him the best possible solution.

The right compromise between durability and performance

Among the six options Elvstrøm the product offers you, we recommend that you visit the Elvstrøm Marin product features now to have sails in which durability and performance go hand in hand. They are designed with cuts and fabrics that suit both traditional mainsails and mainsails with furling in the mast.

If you have a mainsail like the latter, you’ll want to see Elvstrøm ‘s solutions right away, which make furling mainsails as efficient as if not more so than those that bend on the boom.

Elvstrøm made a rating from 1 to 10 for each type of product it offers. The result that Marin ‘s product offers passes the exams with flying colors; here is the result:

Performance: grade 8

Duration: grade 8

Price: grade 8

Find out now by clicking HERE the secrets of the Elvstrøm Marin product and high-tech materials such as Vectran/Technora fibers used wisely to achieve the right durability/performance trade-off.

If you want to talk to the sailmakers of Elvstrøm.

There is not only the Marin product in the Elvstrøm Sails booth, but plenty of sail games modulated to any of your needs-from those for those who sail all the seas of the world to those for the hardened racer. To figure out which game is right for you, take a tour of the booth and contact the sailing experts via email and whatsapp-they will get back to you in no time!


Federico Rossi
Author:Federico Rossi


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