In a boat it is one of our great allies. We are talking about the vang, which allows to adjust the vertical position of the boom, thus modifying the profile of the mainsail. By cocking it, the leech of the mainsail is stretched, flattening the sail and giving a small flexion to the mast.

This adjustment takes place upwind in strong winds, while in lighter air you simply have to point it, so as to give the correct shape to the mainsail and not make the boom dance. When sailing with a strong wind, the vang is essential for depowering the sail. Leaving it, in case of risk of twisting, you raise the boom and warp the sail.

Having a badly designed vang circuit, or an obsolete system at risk of breaking, will not only prevent the mainsail from working properly, thus affecting performance. It will also put the boat and crew in danger. So, if there is any updating to be done on deck, it is precisely on the dear old vang that we advise you to intervene. At the Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show, we found two technologically advanced solutions for you.


The new line of pneumatic Vang-Master  distributed by Harken (which we invite you to discover HERE) allows you to replace a hydraulic or mechanical system with an innovative compressed air technology, which allows the system to adapt to different situations. Made of aluminum, light and easy to assemble – as well as economical – this line is distributed in eight different models, for boats from 5 to 17 meters.

It is worth contacting the experts at Harken with a click to find out which configuration suits your needs and your type of boat.


Do you prefer a spring solution? There is also this at Milano Yachting Week – the Digital Boat Show: we move to Bamar’s stand, which has designed and realized a vang equipped with an internal spring that pushes the boom upwards. The series is composed of 6 models for boats from 9 to 19 meters. The length can be customized on board at the time of installation.

The VANG is made of silver or black anodized aluminum alloy with two telescopic tubes equipped, at the ends, with special attachment ends with built-in pulleys that form a compact rope hoist with the possibility of returning it to the cockpit. The rope can be locked on the VANG itself using the additional hoist.

Also in this case, we suggest you to contact Bamar’s experts with a click to find out which size is best suited to your boat.

Federico Rossi
Author:Federico Rossi


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