hallberg-rassy 50Ve

we presented it while it was under construction, now it’s out in the water…and it’s better than we expected! The first photos of the Hallberg-Rassy 50 in the first navigation tests are a real “gem” of Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show and will leave you speechless.

We never expected that the evolution of the new range of the northern European manufacturer could reach these levels. Beautiful and elegant. Modern and classic.

Find exclusively the first photos of the boat sailing in the harbor of the boat show, it is the brand new Hallberg Rassy-50, the latest addition to the range of the legendary Swedish shipyard that goes from 34 to 64 feet. All models can be found on display here.

A 50 footer that beats the 55 in comfort

You’ll want to visit the boat on the dock right away at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show. You will discover how the shipyard’s craftsmen, the Rassy family and the great designer German Frers have succeeded with the new Hallberg-Rassy 50 to have a waterline that is up to 50 cm (1′ 8″) longer than on the Hallberg-Rassy 55 and a greater width, again compared to the Hallberg-Rassy 55, of 33 cm at the widest point and even 1.08 m at the transom.

All in all, a new generation Hallberg Rassy, in keeping with the shipyard’s tradition of creating boats for sailing with a truly unique design, in spite of passing fads. A true Hallberg Rassy!

If we have intrigued you and you want to know everything, but really everything about the brand new Hallberg Rassy 50, first of all, click here.

If you want to know more about the Hallberg-Rassy 50 contact the shipyard with one click

Who this boat is for, how it is built, how it sails…just click here to find out in detail.

You will also find all the other models of Hallberg Rassy , from 340 to 64. And if you want to deepen with a manager of the shipyard or book a visit through an email or a whatsapp, in the stand you will find the buttons to activate the contact with a click.



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