milano yachting weekAccording to Italian law, boats that do not exceed 10 meters in length (hull length) do not need to be registered. In bureaucratic jargon they are called “natanti”. To give you a concrete example: it’s as if they were bicycles. No license plate, reduced bureaucratic practices, simplified safety equipment.

The advantage of 10 meters in extra-large dimensions

But in reality, these 10-meter boats are much larger than they seem from the declared data, reaching up to 11 meters in length overall and, above all, the shipyards find solutions to make them perfect boats not only for day trips, but also to sleep on board with family and friends and have hulls capable of undertaking long navigations. Capable of excellent average sailing.

You can find them at Milan Yachting Week

We went to our virtual boat show, the Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show, COVID proof and we chose for you three boats that have “oversize” features while remaining within the hull length threshold of 10 meters. Therefore, they are not subject to registration under Italian law.

Discover them here, they are at Milano Yachting Week and visit them now. You will be amazed. Compare them to understand what’s right for you.

Dufour 360 (10,30 x 3,54 m): a small true cruising yacht

The Dufour 360 is the perfect example of how in a boat of only ten meters (9.99 hull length) are enclosed all the comfort of a sailboat much larger.

The work of Dufour and the famous Italian designer Felci Yacht Design ensures that space is exploited to the maximum, but with class and great taste. Easy to say in such small dimensions, very difficult to do. In short, the ideal boat not only for day trips but also for a real cruise with friends or family.

All you have to do is visit the Dufour 360 on the dock at Milano Yachting Week to discover its features, read about the new concepts that inspired it, watch the first photos of the boat under sail, those of the interiors and deck and a nice video.

Dehler 30 OD (10,30 x 3,28 m): high speed revolution


Dehler 30 OD is a revolutionary boat. Visit it now in our digital boat show and you will discover, for example, that it has a very simple and ingenious retractable propeller system.

All you have to do is visit the Dehler 30 OD right now to discover how the German boatyard has managed to create a boat with which to enjoy sailing with top performance that can be manoeuvred by just two people and that turns into a boat to win in regattas and also perfect for cruising. And it’s also beautiful to look at.

In short, the Dehler 30 OD turns into three different boats depending on your needs: for day trips, for racing, for cruising.

Esse 330 (9.90 x 2.50 m): an unmistakable pocket superyacht

A fulfilling day of sailing, the kind you’ll remember forever, awaits you virtually at Milano Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show on the dock in the stand of Italian designers Felci Yacht Design by clicking on the video of their Esse 330. A small pocket superyacht is waiting for you.

You’ll find yourself aboard a 9.90-meter day sailer, the Esse 330, capable of incredible performance, but also very easy to handle by just two people. What’s more, inside, there are environments that allow you to spend one or more days on board without touching the ground.

And if you want to know how to design a sailboat today from the voice of its designers, Umberto Felci and Lorenzo Giovannozzi, enjoy the interview here. The Felci Yacht Design studio is at your disposal to tell you more about the Esse 330 and how to design a boat, just click the send button on the email, it will come directly to them.

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