Please do not call them “small” the seven boats from 2 to 12 meters that are located in the sailboat port of the Milan Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show.

They are beautiful boats from prestigious or innovative shipyards, which can meet all needs: those who want to sport, those ultra comfortable, those for daily trips, those for long cruises. And there is also the one to learn.

Here are the magnificent seven of our selection, from the smallest to the largest:


  1. m. 2,42
    Shipyard: Northern Light Composites


    It has been defined Optimist 2.0, because it reinterprets in a modern way the concept of drift more widespread than children: it is slightly longer, with a rounded prow and modern shapes, as well as being self-emptying.

  2. m. 7,69
    Shipyard: Northern Light Composites


    Ecoracer769 is the first racing prototype built 100% linen fiber and with a recyclable core at the end of its life, as well as the entire boat, thanks to the use of a newly developed resin. The mast and fin and rudder structures are made of aluminum and steel, while the engine is electric: choices made here too in the name of sustainability.

  3. m. 9,90
    Shipyard: Felci Yachts Design

    ESSE 330

    The project of the brand new ESSE 330 is developed starting from the fast ESSE 990 Race, whose important dimensions have always made it a boat enjoyable not only in regattas, but also for pleasant cruising.

  4. m. 10,30
    Shipyard: Dehler

    DEHLER 30 OD

    Project leader Karl Dehler describes her as follows: “Although the futuristic exterior of the 30od gives the idea of a pure racing yacht, the focus has rather changed: from the original cruiser-racer to the current racer-cruiser.

  5. m. 10,36
    Shipyard: Hallberg Rassy

    HR 340

    This brand new yacht offers all the strengths of Hallberg-Rassy in combination with the latest Frers design innovations. She is designed to provide superior comfort and performance and has raised the bar to a level no one previously thought possible for a boat of this size.

  6. m. 11,25
    Shipyard: Grand Soleil Yachts / Cantiere del Pardo


    Past and future meet again at Cantiere del Pardo, with a new Grand Soleil 34 model based on the same concept of a small-large boat with more modern and faster shapes equipped with ample space, comfort and high quality.

  7. m. 11,40
    Shipyard: Hanse

    HANSE 388 This yacht is not only beautiful to look at, it is also, and above all, fast. The combination of a perfectly harmonized side profile and a pre-balanced rudder blade guarantee high speed performance and safety while sailing.


MYW Team
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