At Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show there are also start-ups to Oscar. It’s not a figure of speech. Letyourboat is an innovative startup, participated by the Liguria Region and awarded at the Chamber of Deputies with the Oscar for Innovation as the best tourism company. A real breakthrough in the world of boat tourism that addresses everyone: those who have a boat, those who are looking for one, and marinas. In short, all the protagonists of nautical tourism.

How does it work?

Basically, Letyourboat is a website that connects boat owners, charter companies and tourism service providers with travelers to book boat stays and experiences. Entering the Letyourboat booth at the Milano Yachting Week you will find Walter Vassallo explaining in a video how it works, the advantages and the possibilities of this super innovative start-up.

LetyourBoat is therefore a solution that allows you to stay on exceptional boats in the heart of some of the most beautiful marinas in the world. From Varazze with its colorful houses to Sorrento, from Gallipoli to Cannigione, from Komolac, in Croatia, to the marina of the golden Principality of Monaco. In short, all the best ports in the world at the click of a mouse.

Letyourboat: for shipowners and charter companies

We said in the title: how to earn money by keeping your boat moored. Well, with Letyourboat that’s exactly what you can do. That’s because among Letyourboat’s options is Sleeping on a boat at the mooring with Letyourboat. Find out how it works and how it can be suitable for your boat too. And if you text or email Letyourboat they’ll get right back to you!

The company works side by side with boat owners and charters to support them in making their fleet visible and receive bookings. In this way you can earn money, even keeping your boat moored.


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