Among the hundreds of boating products featured at Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show you will also find what you might not expect. As in the booth of Yachtingline, a Florentine company that specializes in making umbrellas for boats.

It seems obvious, what is different about a garden umbrella than a boat umbrella? Very, very much. Yachtingline engineers have developed a line of boat sunshades that take into account the differences a seemingly simple product must have when used on a boat.

A stable umbrella when the wind blows

At the Yachtingline booth, they explain that they have developed a system, the Multivalve® System canopy, an exclusive Yachting Line patent that has revolutionized the very idea of the sunshade.

What does it do? The wind flows between the flaps of the canopy, which therefore does not oppose its buoyancy. This results in greater stability of the umbrella.

Next, with regard to ventilation, the warm air that forms under the soft top is free to escape, thus allowing better ventilation.

If you open the brochure found in the Yachtingline booth in the accessories pavilion at our boat show you will also discover many other exclusivities, such as the beauty of the design, the variety of fabrics, and many practical solutions and the skillful use of materials suitable for use at sea. This is why Yachtingline is a world leader in this particular segment.

Visit Yachtingline’s booth now, so you will no longer say when you are on vacation under the hot sun in the roadstead, “Ah if I had thought of a sun umbrella sooner!”

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To find out the peculiarities of the company’s boat sunshades and contact a manager directly by email or whatsapp to learn more go HERE now.



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