secure 4 seaIt’s really true that at Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show you find everything, just everything you need in the boating world. Even services that solve a ton of problems for you, saving you time and money.

Think about it, the boat is like a business. Large or small must be managed. A big job that must be done on time, with a commitment of time and outlay of money. So much. It is necessary to do it well to, as in a business, optimize costs and resources. And it takes a lot of experience that comes with knowledge. A rare commodity.

The 360-degree solution is there, tailor-made: Secure 4 Sea

There are those who of the management of a boat, from before it is born to its life cycle, have made it their business for years. Accumulating experience and knowledge that are put at the service of the shipowner, future and present.

At the Milan Yachting Week-The digital boat show there is one of the most experienced companies in this field, it is called Polytechno Engineering and it has gathered a pool of the best specialists in every area concerning yachting.

Polytechno Engineering has created a special product that is unique in the world. It is called Secure 4 Sea.

You’d better enter their booth at our boat show now to get a good understanding of how Secure 4 Sea works.

Here we give you a taste of it. Secure 4 Sea offers:

  • Advice on choosing a boat to buy, whether new or used
  • Yacht management consulting during construction or renovation
  • registration in Italian or foreign naval registers
  • insurance consulting
  • choice of marina where to moor
  • research and crew selection
  • Cruise management from replenishment to itineraries

And many other all-around shipowner service possibilities, all to be discovered.

To learn more and get in touch

You’d better enter Polytechno Engineering ‘s booth now to learn more about, including through an interesting video interview, what they offer in detail, and if you want to contact them, just click on the send an e-mail or whatsapp button.


MYW Team
Author:MYW Team


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