In the new store of the Milan Yachting Week, the Boatique you can find many products and accessories for boating on offer! Today we talk about cooking on board, and the solutions you find at Boatique to be a real Masterchef, and don’t forget that by registering in the Milan Yachting Week Boatique you will have access to discounts from 10 to 40%!


The product that can not miss for a barbecue on board, the barbecue! Fish or meat, with this small gas grill you will be the true masters of fire in the middle of the sea. You can fix it wherever you want, it is made entirely of steel and the lid can be used as a screen when open, so you will keep the flame safe even in Bonifacio!

This little tool made by Magma works with a camping gas bottle and the pressure regulator allows you to quickly decide the height of the flame. Click here to purchase it now!


For those who prefer traditional stoves to grilling, this is the ultimate space-saving solution. A set of 5 pots and a colander, stackable one inside the other when not in use, to take up very little space on board.

This cookware set, manufactured by Marine Business, works on both gas, ceramic and induction stoves, it really is a versatile product that solves so many problems on the boat. Click here to find out the specs and price!


Not everyone has a refrigerator on the boat, and those who do often have to deal with a really small capacity and excessive consumption, since they are almost always dated products.

This portable fridge is the solution both for those who do not have a fridge on board and for those who want an additional solution, perhaps to keep cool a few bottles bought for a special occasion to be celebrated in the middle of the sea! It has a capacity of 18 liters, takes up very little space, weighs little more than 8 kilos and can reach a temperature of -24°! If you are interested in purchasing it, click here!


If you sign up for the Boatique portal now (just go to “sign in” at the top right of the homepage to get access in just a few clicks) you’ll have access to a ton of discounts, from 10 to 40%!


Visit our Boatique

Don’t forget to take a tour on our new Milano Yachting Week Boatique, where you will find all the best products for you and your boat: new ones are added every day and you can hunt for the best deals! Click here and enter now.

Federico Rossi
Author:Federico Rossi


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