Sunseeker Hawk 38

Even more than 50 knots of top speed, strictly with outboard motors, length from 11 to 12 meters. Ladies and gentlemen, here are five RS boats, the super sports boats that you can visit right now at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show.


To make it clear, the acronym RS was made famous in the automotive field by Audi and Porsche, which distinguish the super-sports versions of their models. And we’ve found the RS of the sea for you, so here they are ready to visit right now in our digital boat show.

  1. Pirelli 35: designed by the wizard of fairing

The brand-new, fascinating sea sports boat Pirelli 35 (11.10 x 3.80 m.) has just undergone its first water tests. With two 350 hp outboards (700 total power) at the first outings it has already exceeded 45/50 knots. This dinghy was created by the Swedish studio Mannerfelt Design Team, specialized in racing hulls. What is it? It’s a walkaround of 11 meters sporty and aerodynamic lines that, however, provides a cruise boat comfort.

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  1. Sacs Strider 11: an exceptional RS with great comfort

The Sacs Strider 11 Openback Outboard (m. 11,51 x 3,79) bears a maximum power of 600 horsepower (two 300 hp outboards) and reaches a top speed of 48 knots.  It is one of SACS’ best-selling models in the world.  A thoroughbred RS. Whether you want to use it as a main boat or as a “luxury” tender, it offers its owner a safe and attractive line, exceptional comfort and a perfect mix of excitement, relaxation and fun.

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Sacs Strider 11

  1. Sunseeker Hawk 38: a real beast for bathing

The Sunseeker Hawk 38 (m. 11.85 x 3.01) with a power of two standard Mercury 400R outboard engines combined with Mercury Racing Digital Zero Effort throttles reaches 62 knots with disarming ease. An already cult boat, an extreme RS that, however, combines exceptional performance with finishes and attention to detail that allow it to figure well both as a pure daycruiser and as a support boat for superyachts.

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Sunseeker Hawk 38

Pardo 38

Bestseller of Pardo Yachts, the Pardo 38 (m. 11,90 x 3,60) reaches 50 knots driven by 3 outboard 350 hp (hp 1.050 total).

To understand what kind of RS we are up against, you can immediately understand the unique characteristics of the Pardo 38, highlighted by the video you find here made in Miami of the outboard version. What to say to tease you: Pardo Yachts has changed the concept of open RS, making it more beautiful, elegant, smart. But also safer, suitable to navigate in any sea, full of innovative solutions.

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Beneteau Flyer 10

The Beneteau Flyer 10 (m. 10,61 x 3,35) has a maximum power of 700 hp (2 outboard 350 hp) that allow it to exceed 40 knots easily. It is equipped with the Airstep 2 hull that allows to exploit the air to improve speed and stability.

Discover now why the Beneteau Flyer 10 is a sport of the sea with a habitability and comfort of a “normal” boat.

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Flyer 10 by Beneteau

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