FT furler flat tack manual furler


A new range of manual furling systems characterized by low tack attachment on the deck is born. The operating mechanism retains unchanged from the GFM Crociera range, a rolling system on free Torlon balls on “from solid” machined and anodized aluminum raceways.
Coupled with this new series of drums called “Flat Tack Furler” (FT Furler) we find the classic series of Bamar BMG 30 -40 -50 R roll-up profiles.

FT furler flat tack manual furler

Maximum ease of operation, light weight, small size and very low maintenanceare the elements that identify this new model. It combines unique features with a lay-out that is particularly small in footprint and “low” in relation to the deck, all to the benefit of maximum sail luff length and sail center of gravity.
Like all Bamar brand products, it is made by machining certified noble metals with numerically controlled machines starting “from solid” to guarantee quality, reliability, strength and functionality. The shapes and construction of the top winding drum have been studied and tested under the harshest conditions during Ocean races around the World.


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