What is the best engine for a boat, inboard or outboard? There are many pros and as many cons in choosing one of these two solutions. The fact remains, however, that the current trend is clear: outboard engines are increasingly on the rise, even on boats that once had inboards as their only choice.

At the Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show you can see this trend for yourself.

Here, today, are four “glamorous” examples that you can learn more about by visiting the boats on the stands at our digital boat show.


 Sacs Rebel 40

The Sacs Rebel 40 is the sporty boat for those who want performance and power, but also elegance. Thanks to the careful work of designer Christian Grande, this elegant 12.32m x 3.98m wide dinghy has an interior worthy of a boat born only for cruising. Four berths that you can see well by watching videos, photos and hull plans (click here).


Two cabins with double beds, a bathroom with shower, closets are perfect for a cruise, away from the port of armament for even a week.

The motorization can be inboard with 2 Volvo diesel 380 hp or outboard with two Yamaha 425 hp. The capacity of the two fuel tanks is an impressive 1,100 liters. To understand why this is a perfect boat for dual daily use and cruise go now on board the Sacs rebel 40.

Sacs Rebel 40



The 9-meter day cruiser powered by 500 hp where you can also sleep.

The brand new Beneteau Flyer 9 SPACEdeck driven by a maximum power of a total of 500 outboard horsepower is the concentrate of the concept of day boat. We are talking about a versatile boat that has a lot of space on deck to live a day on the boat, but also the possibility inside to sleep on board with all the comforts.

The best of the Beneteau Flyer 9 SPACEdeck (m. 9,10 x 2,99) is expressed in the deck solutions. At the bow, an additional sofa allows you to create a very comfortable living room in front and in addition convertible into a large sundeck.


There is also a side platform

Like a real terrace on the sea and a privileged access for bathing, the side platform on the port side is one of the main novelties of the Flyer 9. A fishing station is available as an option, with related rod holders in the free edges.

Below deck there is a comfortable forward cabin with unexpected comfort on an open hull and a bathroom room with toilet. The Flyer 9 SPACEdeck can accommodate 4 people overnight. Go see this boat now, CLICK HERE


The charming with lots of space with three outboard 350 hp

Pardo 38 by Pardo Yachts (11.90 meters) or when class is not water. The Pardo 38, symbol of the open boat (but below deck there is one or two cabins with bathroom) walkaround, or the boat where the deck you walk on a single plane, from bow to stern.

Comfortable under the carbon top

Plenty of space on the Pardo 38 for outdoor life, but sheltered by a carbon fiber T Top (an elegant roof) that covers from the helm station to the dining area (with a table around six comfortable seats), with the possibility of extending the cover towards the stern with a bimini. Excellent performance with three outboards up to 350 each and over 50 knots of maximum speed.

But the Pardo 38 is not only big on deck, but also inside. Unsuspected interiors in terms of size, with a large double cabin in the bow and the possibility of having two more beds in the stern.

Discover it HERE.

Parker 790 Cruiser

There will be a reason if this boat of only 8 meters, the Parker 790 Cruiser of which we speak is having great success both in Europe and in the United States. Now it’s also coming to Italy and you can find it at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show just arrived in the virtual boat show dock.

Why is the Parker 790 Cruise, imported by Sail Passion, having so much success? Because it has revolutionized the concept of the Pilot House, those boats with the steering position covered by a large superstructure that shelters those who lead the boat in all weather and sea.

We advise you to go and see the Parker 790 Cruiser in detail by visiting it now.

 parker 790 cruiser

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