At Milan Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show they explain to you, in detail, how to create a tailored and reliable instrument network on board.

Whether it’s a sailboat, powerboat, or fishing boat, Garmin Marine, one of the world leaders in electronics, brings you the perfect wiring diagram to have everything you need while sailing.

“These are examples of how a shipowner can install instrumentation on board,” he explains in the video interview at the entrance to the booth Simone D’Aiuto, Sales Manager of Garmin Marine Italy, “depending on one’s needs. Whether he’s going on a weekend cruise, sailing a lot, or racing. Garmin covers all these types of needs, so we came up with ‘systems-types’ of connections based on our experience and on installations that have already been done.”

Garmin’s solutions for boats up to 13 meters

Click HERE, for example, to discover the solutions Garmin Marine has come up with for sailboats up to 13 meters, racing and cruising boats. Indeed, in a 13-meter sailboat, electronics start to play a really important role, and designing the right wiring scheme is a key element in being able to really enjoy sailing.

For racing, for example, Garmin’s experts recommend a system with an ultra-precise wind station (which, through a compact, easy-to-install blackbox, integrates into the on-board data network), data display screens, autopilot and angle sensor, chartplotter, and remote control keyboard. The topic of safety is not left out: the system also includes AIS and VHF.

For cruising, on the other hand, you will have a system more devoted to comfort and onboard home automation (with the acquisition of Empirbus Garmin Marine has become very strong in this field), which will allow you to keep track of all the boat’s data and manage its functions from your smartphone as well. From boat lights to bilge, refrigerator to tanks, and so on. Again, safety is of crucial importance, with VHF, radar antenna, and even three waterproof cameras…

The nice thing is that the whole thing is illustrated by a diagram following which it will be very easy, on board, to create your own system.

One click is all it takes to talk to the Garmin technical team

And if you have any questions, just click on the “send an email” or “contact us on WhatsApp” buttons in the sidebar (or at the bottom if you’re from a smartphone) to talk directly with Garmin’s technical team experts, who can provide you with all the information you need, manuals, prices.


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