marine gripIf you are looking for the innovation that improves your boating, the Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show has plenty of it.

As in the stand of Harken, the famous U.S. company also based in Italy that churns out new ideas for the boating industry all the time. After having spoken to you about the revolutionary CLR Mooring Winch that allows, at the press of a button, to automatically manoeuvre the pulling or releasing of the mooring lines, today in the stand of Harken there is another product: Marine Grip.

This product is designed not to slip in the boat when the deck or cockpit is wet. How many times have you risked ending up in the water and hurting yourself because you missed the support of your foot?

Well with Harken’s new product called Marine Grip, the problem is solved.

Marine Grip Harken, how not to slip into the boat

In Harken’s stand there is a video that explains everything in a few minutes. In the meantime we’ll give you a taste of what Harken Marine Grip is and how it applies.

First of all a curiosity: it comes from surfers in Hawaii who had a practical problem. Find a way to apply something to the board that wouldn’t make them slide during the crucial moments of surfing and that wasn’t abrasive to the feet.

Here, Harken Marine Grip took the best of this invention and transferred it to the boat. This material will fit on any walking surface on a boat. It is not abrasive, it can be easily installed anywhere without the need of specialists.

Marine Grip Harken intrigued you?

All you have to do is visit this very interesting product in the Harken booth (CLICK HERE) To make your boat the safest place to walk, even when the deck is wet and the crossed sea makes it easy to risk slipping thanks to Marine Grip.

Learn more

Find out how Harken’s technicians have solved the problem, how this new accessory is made and how it is mounted on board by visiting the product at the stand at Milano Yachting Week. You can also contact Harken’s experts directly by email and maybe go see it live by booking an appointment.


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