It is called Marine Cork, you can find it in its stand at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show, and it is the only natural and not synthetic alternative to teak for a boat.

What is Marine Cork

The technical manager Francesco Errico tells in the interview at the entrance of the stand: it is a 100% natural wood covering like teak, but simply the raw material used is cork. Yes, because thanks to the high technology processing and the characteristics of cork, Marine Cork becomes a perfect product to coat the surfaces of boats. Nothing to do with the cork we are used to know, like the cork of wine bottles for example.

Cork as a deck covering: only high technology

Marine Cork transforms cork into a high tech product that looks as compact and smooth as a teak batten. And walk on it from a feeling of “soft”.

What’s more, it has exceptional characteristics, such as the simple fact that it weighs less than a third of traditional or synthetic teak. To give you an example, always in the story of the interview we suggest you listen well: a 40 square meters surface with Marine Cork weighs 100 kg, while with a teak coating 300/350 kg! A big difference, reminding you that the key rule for a boat is that the less it weighs the better it goes on the water.

Doesn’t stain and is as durable as teak

Another very interesting feature of teak is its ability to resist stains. You can see with your own eyes in an effective video that can be found in the stand as, with Marine Cork, coffee or wine stains leave with a little water without being absorbed, as it happens with teak coating.

Learn more

To find out how Marine Cork works and contact directly with an email or whatsapp a manager to learn more click here.



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