Pirelli 35 Tecnorib

Pirelli is not only synonymous with high-performance tires, but also with a brand that has made the history of inflatable boats. Today at the Milano yachting Week – The digital boat show the brand new Pirelli 35 Tecnorib, licensee of the brand, makes its debut. Tecnorib continues its tradition as a point of reference in the segment of inflatable boats. This time the experience of Tecnorib is at the service of a new 11-meter Pirelli inflatable boat.

Tecnorib is the company that produces the Pirelli. With this new inflatable boat brings the success of the Pirelli 42 (click here to see it) on a more compact size, but just as stylish.

Pirelli 35 Tecnorib

Pirelli 35 is the sporty and elegant inflatable boat, suitable for going at full speed for a swim, but also as a support boat for a large yacht. A mix of performance and elegance that in both outboard and inboard versions is able to ensure top performance.

The deck has a walk-around layout, with a double sundeck both fore and aft. Compact dimensions, but great functionality and versatility on board. Even the motorization is designed to fit the needs of the owners.

The 11 meters inflatable boat is now a concentrate of style and power

Which motorization can be chosen for this inflatable boat? The Pirelli 35 has a motorization that can be chosen by the amateur according to his tastes and preferences. The expected power ranges from a minimum of 600 to a maximum of 700 horsepower in the gasoline version, and from a minimum of 600 to a maximum of 640 in the diesel version). The boat is also available in version with outboard motors, the real trend of the moment that in such a sporty Pirelli inflatable boat fits perfectly in the harmony of the line.

If you want to know more about Tecnorib, which exclusively produces Pirelli inflatable boats, a long history of success, a guarantee of impeccable products, click here.

To speak directly with the shipyard

And if you want to learn more with a manager of the shipyard or book a visit via email or whatsapp, in the stand you will find the buttons to activate the contact with a click.

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